Individualized approach

Each person is unique. Your story is just as unique as the roots of your health problems. I love to know the history of each person to create an individualized intervention program to your health problems, your lifestyle as well as your health goals. 


When you choose me as a therapist I can guarantee that we will go beyond the intestine. I'll take care of you in whole and work with you to find the root of your problems. I use a functional approach based on nutrition and naturopathy principles to help you get healthy. My objective is to support you achieving the results you want and deserve. If you are ready to make lasting changes in your diet and your lifestyle I would be happy to guide you.


BiomeridianTM Assessement Method

Bioenergetic assessment is a quick and non-invasive way to determine the energetic balances and imbalances within various bodily systems. Bioenergetic assessment is a galvanic skin response measurement. This involves measuring electrical conductivity of acupuncture points (meridian points.) which correspond to functional systems in the body. A stylus is held against the skin on certain points along the acupuncture meridians on the hands and feet and a small non-detectable electrical current is applied. This natural approach helps the person to better understand the root causes of her health issues. 


The computer based Biomeridian VantagePro system, developed by the International Health Technologies, records the degree of electrical resistance at each point allowing you to see if the organ or system meridian is balanced. I use the VantagePro® to assess stressors such as foods, pollen, animal hair or chemical products and examine effectiveness of nutrition or supplementation to help address health concerns. The purpose of the method is simply to reintroduce the signature of the stressors back to the body in order for it to be able to naturally adjust itself, by any means possible to function optimally. By promoting one’s own ability to achieve homeostasis without the use of needles or drugs, IHT has been found to be an incredibly effective and painless way to help the body alleviate many symptoms. The test is child & adult friendly.